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Character Name Shop Name Map Opened
Subjugation (Vending) Shop name is empty izlude 2 months ago
Randy (Vending) +10 BLUE CRYSTAL ROD 20M+ ONLY izlude 2 months ago
Van Houton (Vending) A NEW BEGINNING prontera 6 days ago
Hadi La Ordan (Vending) ALL MY IN AMK - 1 izlude 6 days ago
Honigkuchen (Buying) B>BSB Shard, Ori, Myth Ore izlude 22 hours ago
StephVend (Vending) Broom/SpiritStone/PetEggs prontera 2 days ago
SekerSey (Vending) CARDS izlude 6 days ago
Dohter (Vending) Cheapest Costumes prontera 2 days ago
Error 404 (Vending) Cheapest Jello Stone on the Market prontera 1 month ago
Buy1Get1Free (Vending) Claymores prontera 1 month ago
Almanzor (Vending) Costume Shop - Ragnarok Zero izlude 45 minutes ago
CubbaCubba (Vending) DESERT izlude 6 days ago
Comolokko (Vending) EQUIP WEAPON izlude 6 days ago
Zabuza Mamoichi (Vending) ETC izlude 6 days ago
Elentari (Vending) Etc Shop - Ragnarok Zero izlude 37 minutes ago
ZeyZeh55 (Vending) EYVALLAH izlude 6 days ago
PM Spirit (Vending) forged weapons prontera 1 hour ago
Cactus (Vending) free desert leather sets prontera 1 month ago
Finrond (Vending) Gear Shop - Ragnarok Zero izlude 42 minutes ago
Sela (Vending) Hats & Mats izlude 3 days ago
vend02 (Buying) Help me pls izlude 13 hours ago
ZehZey55 (Vending) KENDIMIN EFENDISIYIM BEN izlude 6 days ago
Lasagne (Vending) Lazy prontera 6 days ago
Baryga1 (Vending) LOVA prontera 2 days ago
playragnarokzero (Vending) LUX-EQUITY Green LUX-BOND GREEN luxF izlude 5 days ago
@autotrade (Vending) LUX-EQUITY Green LUX-BOND GREEN luxF izlude 3 days ago
administrator (Vending) LUX-EQUITY Green LUX-BOND GREEN luxF prontera 3 days ago
KubiKubi (Vending) MORE izlude 6 days ago
Vend01 (Vending) ori izlude 13 hours ago
Oridecon Buyer II (Vending) PORING DROPS CARD aldebaran 1 day ago
~AGI~ (Vending) Raydric Sleeper +7 izlude 6 days ago
Ackermanseller1 (Vending) scepter prontera 1 hour ago
Ackermanseller2 (Vending) scepter prontera 1 hour ago
Sell0r (Vending) scepters prontera 1 hour ago
Ackermanseller (Vending) scepters prontera 1 hour ago
HoPPaLaGuMGuM (Vending) SEVMEDIM DEME izlude 6 days ago
Cartel (Vending) Subjugation Soutane prontera 59 minutes ago
Cukulata (Vending) TOWER KEEPER izlude 6 days ago
Futaba Hikari (Vending) Weapon card arm izlude 2 months ago
Erynia (Vending) Weapon Shop - Ragnarok Zero izlude 34 minutes ago
ZeynoM (Vending) WEAPONS izlude 6 days ago
Trader2 (Vending) Weapons izlude 3 days ago
SenDanaKasap (Vending) YARIM KESKIN BICAK izlude 6 days ago
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