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Character Name Shop Name Map Opened
Coomer (Vending) El Hermano De Jiren Store izlude 29 minutes ago
Jugo (Vending) Liberalism is a mental disorder prontera 1 hour ago
Vendilator (Vending) random hero prontera 1 hour ago
Odinsphere (Vending) new player items prontera 4 hours ago
Arthlyn (Vending) injustice & rybio, new player items prontera 4 hours ago
Myris (Vending) new player items prontera 4 hours ago
Aguantaaaaaaaaa (Vending) Black dyestuff+ Arrows+Desert+Unripl prontera 4 hours ago
MamangKidal (Vending) BSB MANTIS FOR LIFE izlude 5 hours ago
Handelsmeister7 (Vending) Seven prontera 7 hours ago
Handelsmeister6 (Vending) Six prontera 7 hours ago
Handelsmeister5 (Vending) Five prontera 7 hours ago
Handelsmeister4 (Vending) Four prontera 7 hours ago
Euclid (Vending) ~ Random Stuffs ~ izlude 7 hours ago
Handelsmeister3 (Vending) Three prontera 7 hours ago
Handelsmeister2 (Vending) Two prontera 7 hours ago
Handelsmeister (Vending) One prontera 7 hours ago
Cacio e Pepe (Vending) Azure Crim prontera 7 hours ago
Arrabiata (Vending) Dr Grip prontera 7 hours ago
Tortellini (Vending) Crap Cards prontera 7 hours ago
CheeseVendor (Vending) Hydra, blacksmith blessing, stuff izlude 7 hours ago
Pesto Verde (Vending) Roche prontera 7 hours ago
Lasagne (Vending) Shore Fish prontera 7 hours ago
Domina Luxe (Vending) SUBJUGATION NEEDS prontera 7 hours ago
CarryOver (Vending) Quick Sale Jewels~ prontera 8 hours ago
NoNeedIGN (Vending) Here! morocc 8 hours ago
Erse (Vending) Socorro Feirante aldebaran 8 hours ago
SamcanCorp3 (Vending) uwu shield uwu hat izlude 9 hours ago
we live in a society (Vending) desert prontera 10 hours ago
SomaShop1 (Vending) Fruna prontera 10 hours ago
SomaShop (Vending) Lorea prontera 10 hours ago
Marrie (Vending) Twilight Saphire Flamberg Yin Yang prontera 10 hours ago
Merch Kun (Vending) Stuffthatyouthinkyoudontneedbutyoudo prontera 11 hours ago
Merchantkun (Vending) Xbow, Huummaaaaaaaaasssss prontera 11 hours ago
Gringotts (Vending) HP Regen Armors and MD jurs prontera 11 hours ago
TravelKign (Vending) Out of Stock, Eden coming soon ! izlude 11 hours ago
Skotte (Vending) Oof aldebaran 14 hours ago
Tressa Colzione (Vending) Cards prontera 14 hours ago
StephVend (Vending) Shop name is empty prontera 14 hours ago
100groves (Buying) B>FlameHeart/GreatNature/MysticFrozn morocc 14 hours ago
BuyStuff (Buying) B>FlameHeart/GreatNature/MysticFroze prontera 14 hours ago
ElementalStoner (Buying) B> Elemental Stones 2.2k each aldebaran 14 hours ago
TarosSupirkimas (Buying) B>FlameHeart/GreatNature/MysticFroze izlude 15 hours ago
Brea (Vending) ZXC prontera 15 hours ago
Addilyn (Vending) ASD prontera 15 hours ago
AppleJam (Vending) BBS / Orange morocc 15 hours ago
Lavender Bones (Vending) sale izlude 15 hours ago
Uraziel (Buying) B> Elemental Stones izlude 16 hours ago
DuneShop (Vending) Marc & Friends izlude 16 hours ago
Buyer8 (Buying) B>Cactus Needle/Bee Sting prontera 17 hours ago
IamInhuman (Vending) WS Tears Cards Weaps Armor prontera 19 hours ago
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