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Character Name Shop Name Map Opened
Sales Man (Buying) B> Flame Hearts 3000 each at izlude izlude 5 hours ago
Dohter (Vending) Costumes prontera 8 hours ago
StephVend (Vending) OG forged weapons, for the nostalgia prontera 8 hours ago
DalaMerchFyra (Buying) B> Karvo STEM prontera 22 hours ago
I buy (Vending) cardsnweapon prontera 1 day ago
Randy (Vending) +10 BLUE CRYSTAL ROD @20m+ izlude 1 day ago
Aston Martin (Vending) ASTON MARTIN SHOP izlude 1 day ago
Porsche (Vending) PORSCHE SHOP izlude 1 day ago
Bugatti (Vending) BUGATTI SHOP izlude 1 day ago
BlackPink (Vending) BLACKPINK SHOP izlude 1 day ago
Van Houton (Vending) TOWER CARD | BSB BLESS | MANDRAGORA prontera 1 day ago
Subjugation (Vending) Weapon Armor prontera 1 day ago
Futaba Hikari (Vending) Boots Plate Weapon prontera 1 day ago
Marrie (Vending) Weapon prontera 1 day ago
InztiBS (Vending) |cards|twilights prontera 1 day ago
Chase Freedom (Buying) BSBs Please <3 izlude 1 day ago
Xstina (Vending) MD mats and spears izlude 3 days ago
Xilika (Vending) MVP items izlude 3 days ago
Luxianna (Vending) MVP drops izlude 3 days ago
RoflCake (Vending) CardShop izlude 3 days ago
Merciena (Vending) Subj armor/ring izlude 3 days ago
Mernicana (Vending) ExpeditionShop izlude 3 days ago
Zelina (Vending) Upgraded izlude 3 days ago
ZehZey55 (Vending) Cheap izlude 3 days ago
ZeyZeh55 (Vending) ALL MY IN AMK izlude 4 days ago
HoPPaLaGuMGuM (Vending) ALL MY IN AMK izlude 4 days ago
Hintzy (Vending) DM on DC Dechaltier#1120 for Trades izlude 4 days ago
Almanzor (Vending) Tienda de Cartas, Etc prontera 4 days ago
SenDanaKasap (Vending) EQUIP izlude 4 days ago
CubbaCubba (Vending) DESERT izlude 4 days ago
Cukulata (Vending) ALL MY IN AMK izlude 4 days ago
Comolokko (Vending) TIP BOX izlude 4 days ago
~AGI~ (Vending) Overprice izlude 4 days ago
Federer (Vending) ZEROM ANDRE DEVIACE SNAKE izlude 4 days ago
Buystuff2 (Buying) B> TRUNKS prontera 5 days ago
Baragath Basher (Vending) RUSH CHEAP prontera 5 days ago
Elentari (Vending) Tienda de Zapatos, Capas prontera 5 days ago
Erynia (Vending) Tienda de Costumes prontera 5 days ago
Finrond (Vending) Tienda de Armas prontera 5 days ago
Penjualan (Vending) Minna Doko izlude 5 days ago
~Wine House~ (Buying) POISON SPORE STEM izlude 6 days ago
Matt Spence (Vending) SUBJUGATION GEAR izlude 6 days ago
Brunette (Vending) RARE ROLLS FORGED WEAPONS izlude 6 days ago
Matt Scott (Vending) STR+5 CARD COMBO izlude 6 days ago
shopme4 (Vending) Top 5 Flambergs prontera 6 days ago
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