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Character Name Shop Name Map Opened
MeRoNaa (Vending) Shop name is empty prontera 2 hours ago
vendy chan (Vending) Flee Garments prontera 3 hours ago
EZRAARES (Vending) 321312312 prontera 6 hours ago
SenDanaKasap (Vending) EQUIP izlude 10 hours ago
CubbaCubba (Vending) EQUIP izlude 10 hours ago
Cukulata (Vending) CARDS AND EQUIP izlude 10 hours ago
Comolokko (Vending) EQUIP izlude 10 hours ago
Kolovrat (Buying) FH or GN 3001zeni ea xD izlude 11 hours ago
Vendilator (Vending) ara ara prontera 15 hours ago
StephVend (Vending) +7s prontera 18 hours ago
Tressa Colzione (Vending) Costumes prontera 18 hours ago
Trader2 (Vending) Twilight Spear izlude 19 hours ago
Shieldbreaker (Buying) B> Flame hearts 3k each at izlude izlude 20 hours ago
Randy (Vending) HIGH ROLL MD CHAOS LANCES izlude 20 hours ago
Sales Man (Buying) B> Great nature Middle izlude 3k eac izlude 1 day ago
Dionlina (Vending) Doomed Excalibur n more izlude 1 day ago
Merciena (Vending) Good +7s izlude 1 day ago
Akara (Vending) Katars izlude 1 day ago
Malus (Vending) Cards izlude 1 day ago
~Wine House~ (Buying) Cactus Needle prontera 1 day ago
Balthasar Crook (Vending) Forged Lances/C.Lance/Farming Weps izlude 1 day ago
Adrian Crook (Vending) PetShop/FalconF/GrandPHead/Regenerat izlude 1 day ago
Mr Nice Guy (Vending) Juperos Core Weapons izlude 1 day ago
shasa12m (Vending) very cheap izlude 1 day ago
Xstina (Vending) Cards and more izlude 1 day ago
Eleggigla (Vending) Cheap optioned izlude 1 day ago
Luxianna (Vending) Accessories izlude 1 day ago
Shasa11M (Vending) stem450 izlude 1 day ago
dexvt6 (Vending) Center Izlude izlude 2 days ago
dexvt5 (Vending) morroc morocc 2 days ago
Doodle2 (Vending) FLEE MUFFLERS izlude 2 days ago
SpafShoppen (Vending) Weapon +7 izlude 2 days ago
Doodle (Vending) 3STR KINGDOM SHIELDS izlude 2 days ago
Honigkuchen (Buying) B>BSB/S, Ori, Steel, Myth prontera 2 days ago
Dewie (Vending) Subj armor/ring izlude 2 days ago
21 Savage (Vending) sub armor prontera 2 days ago
Mernicana (Vending) +7 n more izlude 2 days ago
hohohaha (Vending) 321231321 prontera 3 days ago
Zdarova (Vending) MD Weapon! prontera 3 days ago
Aledna (Vending) Zealotus Egg and more izlude 4 days ago
Estina (Vending) Fishies izlude 4 days ago
Sidolina (Vending) Witch sand izlude 4 days ago
Talinina (Vending) +7Exp izlude 4 days ago
~AGI~ (Vending) TyT izlude 4 days ago
Magnat (Vending) Shimm, Rose, Citrin, Pyrox izlude 4 days ago
MoolahMaker (Vending) noobie items prontera 4 days ago
Brunette (Vending) JELLOS | FLEE LAVA SHOES izlude 4 days ago
Smithn Cunny (Vending) Eggs lol! prontera 4 days ago
Tropicanna Cookies F2 (Vending) Crims and Berrys prontera 5 days ago
WuTang (Vending) Blue Potions izlude 5 days ago
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