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Character Name Shop Name Map Opened
SpafShoppen (Vending) Sell prontera 1 day ago
Dohter (Vending) Cards prontera 2 days ago
Tressa Colzione (Vending) Costumes prontera 2 days ago
Vanessa Hysel (Vending) Costumes prontera 2 days ago
Lyblac (Vending) Subjugation prontera 2 days ago
Alfyn Greengrass (Vending) Azure/Crimson/Spirit/EarthDragon prontera 2 days ago
Menine (Vending) ninja? prontera 4 days ago
Euphoria (Vending) RagnaroK Online: Project Zero Shop gonryun 4 days ago
dadeira (Vending) ekps prontera 6 days ago
~AGI~ (Vending) Shop name is empty prontera 7 days ago
Poor Jew (Vending) hey b0ss prontera 8 days ago
Trader2 (Vending) Shop name is empty prontera 8 days ago
Pinebark (Vending) Wiz Hats, Clips, an daggers prontera 10 days ago
Pereves (Vending) Sell3 prontera 11 days ago
Shopogolik (Vending) Sell2 prontera 11 days ago
Verdureiro (Vending) +7JEWEL SHIELD,WIZARD GLOVE,+7JUR prontera 13 days ago
Szvri (Vending) RANDOM prontera 14 days ago
Arms Dealer (Vending) Decent forged weaps prontera 4 months ago
autotrade (Vending) Cards prontera 4 months ago
Dealer (Vending) 500k prontera 4 months ago
Vendredi (Vending) Shinies prontera 4 months ago
Isidro (Vending) Cards sale prontera 4 months ago
Goopi (Vending) Goopi. prontera 4 months ago
Beano Vendo (Vending) Bean's upgrades prontera 4 months ago
touched^by^retpu (Vending) MVP and Bio Weps*~ prontera 4 months ago
Rabbit-Ribbit (Buying) B> Trunks prontera 8 months ago
Longin (Vending) Shop izlude 1 year ago
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