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Character Name Shop Name Map Opened
SellmyStuff (Vending) Loli Juice / 30% aspd xbow / cards prontera 5 minutes ago
Gold Vader (Vending) Cheap orcish!!! lvl 50 weapon izlude 6 minutes ago
Merch5 (Vending) Desert Set! prontera 7 minutes ago
Merch4 (Vending) Subj Ring/Sash/Boots prontera 10 minutes ago
FreeZeny5 (Vending) u want it payon 11 minutes ago
I am uhmm nvm (Vending) 666666 morocc 25 minutes ago
PiggyBank (Vending) Abys card prontera 29 minutes ago
Papigiai (Vending) Random cards prontera 31 minutes ago
Etosha (Vending) 9999999999999999999999999999999.7 prontera 31 minutes ago
Get Into The Van Kid (Vending) Candy Grab prontera 35 minutes ago
Cheehehe (Vending) +ATK @Izlude izlude 37 minutes ago
Rey Merch (Vending) STAR CRUMB prontera 41 minutes ago
Ice Tea (Vending) Subjugation Armor/Rings prontera 1 hour ago
Panda Bank (Vending) Subjugation rings/Gears prontera 1 hour ago
Instance Senpai (Vending) Eekum Bokum moc_para01 1 hour ago
Zenyy (Vending) loot aldebaran 2 hours ago
Salamat Shopee (Vending) Armors payon 2 hours ago
bxbpotion (Vending) Stuff prontera 2 hours ago
Zzirod (Vending) Bows Books Card <3 prontera 2 hours ago
hdfbxb (Vending) Stuff prontera 2 hours ago
Merchant of Venice (Vending) HUDSON BAY CO. prontera 2 hours ago
Znaz (Vending) best buy is back! prontera 2 hours ago
Marchandage (Vending) Chillax izlude 2 hours ago
cL3ptoSH00P3 (Vending) test aldebaran 2 hours ago
Merchantzord (Vending) Good Things morocc 3 hours ago
Coal3 (Vending) Exc Dagger izlude 3 hours ago
Cool1 (Vending) High Roll Gladius For Endgame izlude 3 hours ago
Penjual (Vending) RARE ARMOR SO GOOD!!!!!!!!! prontera 3 hours ago
Marketa (Vending) CZECH ELITE GRIND prontera 3 hours ago
Caol2 (Vending) Cheap Poring Bag/Bat Stole/BSB/Tame izlude 3 hours ago
zzqq (Buying) Blue herb geffen 3 hours ago
Purge (Vending) Ollivanders prontera 3 hours ago
Eran (Buying) Blue herb geffen 3 hours ago
Opin (Vending) COSTUME RARE ITEM SO CHEAP~ prontera 3 hours ago
xxww (Buying) blue herb geffen 3 hours ago
wwkafra5 (Vending) WEAPON GALORE prontera 3 hours ago
wwkafra4 (Vending) DAMAGE prontera 3 hours ago
wwkafra3 (Vending) WEAPON DEALER prontera 4 hours ago
Arrabiata (Vending) +7 Joker's Nails prontera 4 hours ago
TiMerch (Vending) bsb,xbow 26, 30 prontera 4 hours ago
Auger (Vending) +7 prontera 4 hours ago
RichieRich (Vending) =Jurs, Coats, Droopy, Dullahan= prontera 4 hours ago
JaneDoe (Buying) B > Strawberry prontera 4 hours ago
Zeny chan (Vending) Cheap Start prontera 4 hours ago
PoringSlayerv3 (Vending) ==Frozen Rose Sale== prontera 4 hours ago
Selliandos (Vending) BEST JUR prontera 4 hours ago
Aguantaaaaaaaaa (Vending) Us3FUL DeSerT prontera 5 hours ago
iSellGood (Buying) Best price in_orcs01 5 hours ago
Nutty Chocolate (Vending) subj prontera 5 hours ago
Chao Bao Zi (Vending) Limited prontera 5 hours ago
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