Basic Info

Name 100034 Booster_Pack_75
Item ID 100034 - Booster_Pack_75
Type Delay Consume
A box containing items for new adventurers.
Contains the following items:
[Event] Yellow Potions 20ea Box 8ea
[Event] Blue Potion 60ea
Booster Armor Refine Box 5ea
Booster Weapon Refine Box 1ea
Booster Weapon Refine Box II 1ea
Booster Headgear Refine Voucher 1ea
World Tour Ticket 10ea
Booster Pack (90) 1ea
(This item will be removed at some point after the Anniversary event.)
Weight: 0


Weight 0
NPC Buy 0 z
NPC Sell 0 z
Refineable No
Equip Locations None


Range 0
Defense 0
Attack 0
Magical Attack 0
Weapon Level 0
Slots 0


Level Range 75 +
Usage None
Trade Can't be dropped / Can't be traded or vended / Can't be sold to NPCs / Can't be placed into Cart / Can't be placed into Storage / Can't be placed into Guild Storage / Can't be placed into Master Storage
Job Class Types Normal / Upper / Baby
Job Classes All Jobs
Gender Any


Use Script
if (!checkweight(Yellow_Potion_B_20, 8, Event_Blue_Potion, 60, Boost_Up_1, 5, Boost_Up_2, 1, Boost_Up_3, 1, Boost_Up_4, 1, World_Tour_Ticket, 10)) {
 dispbottom("You cannot wear any more items.", 0xFF0000);
 delitem(Booster_Pack_75, 1);
 getitem(Yellow_Potion_B_20, 8);
 getitem(Event_Blue_Potion, 60);
 getitem(Boost_Up_1, 5);
 getitem(Boost_Up_2, 1);
 getitem(Boost_Up_3, 1);
 getitem(Boost_Up_4, 1);
 getitem(World_Tour_Ticket, 10);
 getitem(Booster_Pack_90, 1);
Equip Script
Unequip Script